Cook County: Our First Year

Toni has taken responsibility for giving County government a new direction. She said it would not be easy. The County faces daunting challenges. The County is taking some big steps in the right direction. In less than a year in office, the County closed two budget gaps, saving taxpayers $800 million. The progress rests on a framework of long term financial management and strategic structural changes across county government. The STAR Performance management program has begun to change the culture of County government. Managers are making data driven decisions and the natural barriers that separate agencies are being broken down. Through a comprehensive approach, the County has made significant progress already. With firm resolve, Toni is committed to continue to work toward achieving her vision of making Cook County the best run county in the nation. What we promised Toni’s vision for Cook County is one where it is accountable to its citizens. When she took office, she published a transition report with 37 initiatives. She promised to check-in after 100 days and one year. On the following pages, you will see the progress we have made on these initiatives. What to expect going forward From day one, Toni committed to making progress on each of her four goals: fiscal responsibility, innovative leadership, transparency and accountability, and improved services. This document highlights the progress the County has made on achieving each of her four goals. In her 100 day report, Toni outlined additional commitments to improving services in the areas of health care, public safety, property and taxation, economic development, and the Forest Preserve District. You will find our progress on these goals as well. We invite you to see what Toni has accomplished in her first year. Thank you for taking part in an open, honest and efficient Cook County.


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