Cook County Sheriff's Office Turns Run-Down Parks Into Field of Dreams

Originally published Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at the Cook County Sheriff's website: The Cook County Sheriff's Office invites park districts throughout the county to sign up their baseball fields for Sheriff Dart's Play Ball program before the winter season. It is important for students to have a productive, educational and fun environment to be a part of after school hours to prevent them from being the targets of gangs, drugs and violence, Sheriff Dart said. By renovating these fields and parks, it offers students a place for activities that will teach them how to channel emotions, respect each other, be healthy, sportsmanship and most importantly, have fun. The Play Ball program is designed to help jump start spring and the baseball season for the youth of Cook County. The Sheriff's Work Alternative Program (SWAP) completes a three-step process that includes a clean-up of all debris/garbage, first cut of grass and weed whacking, and then dragging and stripping the infield.


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