First 2015 Low-Cost Rabies Vaccine Clinics Scheduled by County Animal Control Department

Cook County’s inaugural low-cost rabies vaccine clinic of 2015 will take place Wednesday, March 18, from 10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. inside the Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway, Chicago. Another clinic has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 at Joy Fellowship Baptist Church 2025 E. 175th St., Lansing.
The rabies shot is the only vaccine that will be provided at these two clinics.

Cost of a one-year rabies shot is $7 for dogs and cats; a three-year rabies shot is $21. Ferret vaccines, which have a one-year duration, are $9. Only cash or checks are accepted; no credit or debit cards.

The rates represent a substantial discount in what is normally charged for these services.

Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control annually hosts dozens of mobile clinics throughout the County for owners of dogs, cats and ferrets whose pets are in need of these services. A full schedule of where and when those clinics will take place in the coming months will soon be posted on the Department’s website.

Dr. Donna Alexander, administrator of the County’s Animal and Rabies Control Department, emphasized the importance of ensuring that dogs, cats and ferrets are up to date on their rabies immunization.

“The clinic addresses a serious public health issue,” she said. “If your dog, cat or ferret is bitten by a rabid animal, this shot will prevent them from getting rabies and passing it on to other animals or to humans.”

This year, the Department will be scheduling separate clinics for insertion of microchips in pets. The charge for implanting a microchip is $10 per pet.

Having a microchip implanted in a household pet significantly increases the chance that it can be reunited with its owner if it is ever lost or stolen, Dr. Alexander said.

The clinics -- which run through the spring, summer and early fall -- annually result in administering rabies vaccinations to more than 4,000 pets, she added.


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