Full Schedule of 2015 Low-Cost Cook County Rabies Clinics Released

Canine flu prompts officials to take certain precautions at this year’s events Cook County Animal and Rabies Control will begin its full schedule of low-cost rabies clinics next week. Some 40 clinics are scheduled in locations throughout Cook County from June until October. The rabies shot is the only service that will be provided at these clinics. Separate clinics are scheduled for insertion of microchips into companion animals. The full list of clinics, which run from 10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., is available on the Department’s website. More than 4,000 pets are annually vaccinated at the clinics. Cost of a one-year rabies shot is $7 for dogs and cats; a three-year rabies shot is $21. Ferret vaccines, which have a one-year duration, are $9. Only cash or checks are accepted; no credit or debit cards. The rates represent a substantial discount in what is normally charged for these services. Dr. Donna Alexander, Administrator of the County’s Animal and Rabies Control Department, emphasized the importance of ensuring that dogs, cats and ferrets are up to date on their rabies immunization. “The clinic addresses a serious public health issue,” she said. “If your dog, cat or ferret is bitten by a rabid animal, this shot will prevent them from getting rabies and passing it on to other animals or to humans.” This year, the Department has scheduled two clinics specifically for microchip insertion. The charge for implanting a microchip is $10 per pet. Those clinics will take place at Cicero Community Park, 34th Court and Laramie, Cicero, on July 16 and August 13. Dr. Alexander also said that precautions will be in place this year due to the canine flu, which has affected almost two thousand pets in the Chicago area. The precautions will be enforced to ensure the safety of all pets present at the clinics, Dr. Alexander said. Those precautions include: An adult 18 years of age or older must handle animals. County Animal Control personnel will not be allowed to handle leashes, hold or move cages, assist in animal restraint, or touch animals or animal equipment. No retractable leashes will be allowed. All dogs must be on leashes of no longer than six feet. If pet requires a muzzle, they must be provided by owners. Pet owners must maintain a distance of three feet between each animal No animal socialization will be allowed. No petting of animals other than your own. Dogs showing signs of any respiratory disease will be isolated for vaccination and will be prohibited from standing in line. Families with multiple animals should bring enough capable family members so that one individual can handle paperwork while another individual tends to the animals. Water and waste removal bags must be supplied by owner. Information about Cook County Animal and Rabies Control can be found on the Department’s website or by calling (708) 974-6140.


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