Law Office Of the Cook County Public Defender Receives $159,000 Grant for Mitigator Project

The Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender has received a $159,000 grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to hire experienced mitigators and create a mitigator internship program, in partnership with graduate programs throughout Illinois. “Government funding is scarce, resources are limited, and this grant is critical to our mission to protect the rights, liberties and dignity of each person whose case has been entrusted to this Office,” stated the Cook County Public Defender, Hon. Abishi C. Cunningham. Mitigation evidence is required by law. Mitigators explore and analyze collateral sources of information contained in medical, psychiatric and school records in order reveal an accurate picture of the social context in which the alleged criminal act occurred. These behavioral investigators are multi-dimensional specialists in investigative and behavioral subject matters. Clients of the Cook County Public Defender need this expertise in order to prevent the creation of a separate, unequal and impoverished system of justice for the poor.


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