Statement from President Preckwinkle on the Passage of the 2015 Budget

I commend the Board of Commissioners for approving the 2015 Cook County budget today.

“For the second consecutive year we have passed a balanced budget with no new taxes, fines, fees or layoffs. This budget makes important infrastructure investments, carefully reorganizes our approach to real estate management, holds the line on positions and works to improve public safety.

“This budget will help provide essential County services in 2015 while also addressing our long-term fiscal challenges. I am proud to note that the County will have less bond and self-insurance debt at the end of FY 2015 than when I took office four years ago.

“We are making significant improvement throughout the County but we have more work to do. In the coming year, we will focus on implementing criminal justice reforms to reduce costs and create a more just system, leading regional economic development efforts to produce jobs and opportunities for residents and businesses, and securing pension reform legislation to protect the retirement security of our workers and the interests of taxpayers.

“The budget passed today is the product of many months of hard work. I want to thank our Bureau of Finance, commissioners, elected officials, County departments and the public for their involvement and input. I also want to recognize Finance Chairman Daley for his work crafting this budget and hosting public meetings to solicit feedback from County residents.”