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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all Law Library locations are currently closed to the public. If you need legal research assistance, reference librarians are still available to serve you. Please e-mail your inquiry to law.lawlibrary@cookcountyil.gov or call 312.603.5423 and leave a message for the reference department.

Para evitar la propagación de COVID-19,  Cook County Law Library (la Biblioteca de Derecho) está cerrada al público. Si necesita asistencia de investigación legal, los bibliotecarios de referencia están disponibles para servirle. Envíe su consulta por correo electrónico a law.lawlibrary@cookcountyil.gov o llame al 312.603.5423 y deje un mensaje para el departamento de referencia.

The main Cook County Law Library in the Daley Center has seven rooms available for rental. There are five conference rooms of varying sizes that seat from 4 to 10 people and two larger training centers that seat 20 to 48 people. Rooms are rented in one hour increments and training centers must be rented for a minimum of two hours. All rooms and centers feature Wi-Fi, privacy (Training Center B is semi-private), tables and chairs. For no additional charge, rooms may also be equipped with a conference phone (local and toll-free calls only) or mobile whiteboard, subject to availability.

To request a room reservation simply fill out the Room Reservation Request Form on this page and submit it by fax to (312) 603-9710 or e-mail to law.library@cookcountyil.gov.

All renters must agree to abide by the Conference Room and Training Center Policy as well as the Library Rules of Use.



Seating Capacity (approximate)



Conference Room 1

16’ x 9’

Seats 6 at table


TV wall monitor.

Conference Room 2

16’ x 9’

Seats 6 at table


TV monitor available.

Conference Room 3

9’ x 9’

Seats 4 at table


TV wall monitor.

Conference Room 4

9’ x 9’

Seats 4 at table


TV wall monitor.

Conference Room 5

19’ x 9’

Seats 10 at table


TV wall monitor.

Training Center A

38’ x 16’

*Seats 20 classroom.

*Seats 36 theater. 


$120.00/first 2 hours;

$60.00/hour thereafter

(2 hour minimum)

Training Center B

36’ x 28’

*Seats 32 classroom.

*Seats 48 theater.


$100.00/first 2 hours;

$50.00/hour thereafter

(2 hour minimum)

Conference Room and Training Center Policy

1. The Law Library conference rooms and training centers may be rented by third parties for legal and court-related activities only. Conference rooms and training centers are rented in one-hour increments with training centers having a two-hour rental minimum.

2. Conference rooms and training centers open 15 minutes after the Library opens and close 30 minutes before the Library closes.

3. All fees are paid in full at the time the renter arrives to use the conference room or training center by cash or check payable to the Cook County Law Library.

4. A reservation is not complete until the renter receives confirmation. 

5. Rates are per hour; partial hours are charged as a full hour. There are no refunds for partial hour use.

6. If the renter does not vacate the room or center per the reservation time, the renter agrees to pay for any additional partial hour at the full hour charge.

7. Renters are responsible for payment of all usage time and for any damage or extra cleaning as determined by the Law Library.

8. Walk-ins may rent a room or center if available and upon completion of reservation request form and full payment of fees prior to use.

9. All users of the conference rooms or training centers agree to act in accordance with all policies and directives of staff including the Law Library’s “Rules of Use” and “Conference Room and Training Center Policy”.

10. Renter agrees to return all tables and chairs to their original locations and otherwise return the room to the condition it was in before the rental period.

11. Cancellation must be received by phone – (312) 603-5131 or email – law.library@cookcountyil.gov no later than 9:00 a.m. the day of rental.  

12. If the renter does not arrive by 20 minutes after their reservation start time, the reservation will be forfeited.

13. The Law Library is not responsible for, nor shall it have any liability with regards to, the personal property that patrons bring into the Library, including the conference rooms and training centers.    

14. The Law Library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations if an emergency or extreme situation occurs, or if a special program intervenes. In such case, as much notice as possible will be given.