Home Rule Tax Web (mobile) application

The Home Rule Tax Reward program rewards those individuals who report violations of the Cook County Tax Ordinance to the Department of Revenue. Responsible citizens of Cook County may now report violators through the Home Rule Tax Reward Program website, provided the reporter leaves adequate information, so the Department may contact that person after the investigation, adjudication and/or payment of the fine.

The reward program allows citizens to report retailers and/or business that violate Tax ordinances based on the guidelines set forth by Cook County. Citizens may report violations for example on cigarette purchases, sales, or possession, Department of Revenue’s County codes and State Laws pertaining to parking etc.

County Inspectors  would perform on-site inspections for compliance and adherence, based off citizen’s information obtained through the tips on suspected violators, and rewards would be paid after the process of investigation, adjudication and/or payment of the fine is complete.