Human Rights Ordinance and Regulations

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Cook County Human Rights Ordinance

Human Rights Ordinance

With the link above you can reach the Municode for Cook County where you will find the Ordinance passed by the Cook County Board of Commissioners on March 16, 1993 under the section labeled Chapter 42. The Human Rights Ordinance protects all people in the County from discrimination and harassment in employment, public accommodations, housing, credit transactions, and County facilities, programs and services.

Rules and Regulations

The Commission has adopted these procedural rules and substantive regulations related to implementation of the Human Rights Ordinance.

Examples of Discrimination

  • Refusing to show or rent an apartment to a family because of their race or because they have children.
  • Refusing to let a visually impaired person shop in a store or ride in a taxi because they have a service animal.
  • Denying a qualified person a job, a promotion or benefits because of their sex or sexual orientation.
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