Liquid Hazardous Waste Reporting

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As of 2020, liquid hazardous waste reports and the applicable fee will be submitted through the new electronic permit processing portal. Physical checks will no longer be accepted  by the department, if checks are mailed to the department they will be returned to sender. Accepted payment options are credit card or electronic check.  See below for due dates.

The Cook County Liquid Hazardous Waste Ordinance requires facilities in suburban Cook County to report their annual liquid hazardous waste generation and submit the corresponding fee to the Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability.  The focus of the ordinance is to ensure the data on the storage and use of hazardous chemicals in suburban Cook County is available to local first responders to prepare and properly respond to chemical emergencies.  The ordinance also aims to reduce the amount of liquid hazardous waste generated, transported, and disposed of in suburban Cook County.

Per the ordinance, liquid hazardous waste is designated pursuant to Section 5/3.475 of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act as “special waste”, and is containerized and transported off-site under manifest according to federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations.  Facilities shall use the online portal for the following reporting:

  1. For waste generated in 2020, the reporting period is January – December and the computation form and fee has a due date of  April 1, 2021
  2. For waste generated 2016 - 2018, the reporting period is January – December and the computation form and fee was due April 1 of the proceeding reported year.
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