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Employment with the OIIG

The mission of the OIIG is to detect, deter and prevent corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, unlawful political discrimination and misconduct in the operation of Cook County Government. OIIG Investigators, supported by Administrative Assistants, conduct investigations and produce reports which provide findings as well as make recommendations. These recommendations are directed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Cook County Government as well as to combat corruption and fraud. The OIIG seeks highly dedicated employees who desire to work in a mission driven environment with the ultimate goals of improving the operation of Cook County Government and ensuring that County tax dollars are spent effectively. The OIIG hires all employees following the provisions of the OIIG Employment Plan, discussed below.

Office Hours and Location

The OIIG office is located at 69 W. Washington St., Suite 1160, Chicago, Illinois. Office hours are normally 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday.  Employees are expected to be available for nights and weekends when the need arises and work the hours necessary to accomplish the mission of the OIIG.

Qualifications and Application Procedures

When OIIG positions are available, they will be posted on the Cook County Bureau of Human Resources web page and can be directly accessed here.  All interested individuals must apply through this process utilizing the Cook County On-Line Application System, Taleo.

For more information or questions regarding the OIIG or the application process, contact the office at (312) 603-0350.

OIIG Employment Plan

On May 8, 2013, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois approved the OIIG’s Employment Plan, which was required as part of the Supplemental Relief Order entered in the matter of Shakman v. Cook County, 69 C 2145 (N.D. III), as amended June 24, 2013. The OIIG Employment Plan delineates the application process for positions in the OIIG.  Those interested can access the OIIG Employment Plan and Exhibits below. 

OIIG Employment Plan

OIIG Employment Plan Exhibits

Employment Plan Officer Semi-Annual Reports

Pursuant to the Employment Plan, the OIIG Employment Plan Officer will issue semi-annual reports every March 15 and September 15 to the President, the IIG, and the Compliance Administrator, while acting, describing his or her activities during the prior six months, including, but not limited to: (i) auditing activities as required by this OIIG Employment Plan; (ii) any violations of the OIIG Employment Plan discovered; (iii) any remedial actions recommended; and (iv) any corrective action taken by the IIG to address the violations.  These reports can be accessed below.

Quarterly Employment Action Reports

Pursuant to the Employment Plan, the OIIG prepares quarterly reports listing the total number of hires, promotions, transfers and terminations involving employees during the preceding three month period, including: (i) the number and type of each such employment action; (ii) the dates of each employment action; (iii) the title of the position; and (iv) whether such employment action was pursuant to a posted or emergency hire.  Those reports can be accessed below.

OIIG Complaint Hotline

If you have any information regarding a violation of the OIIG Employment Plan, please call the OIIG Hotline at (312) 603-0745.  Complaints can also be made online here.  Complaints can be made anonymously.

Complaints alleging a violation of the OIIG Employment Plan are investigated by the OIIG Employment Plan Officer.  Upon conclusion of an investigation, the OIIG Employment Plan Officer prepares an Incident Report.  If the Incident Report contains a finding of a violation of the OIIG Employment Plan, or includes a recommendation for corrective action, the IIG will prepare an IIG Report confirming implementation of the OIIG Employment Plan Officer’s recommended action or explaining why such action was not implemented.  Redacted Incident Reports and related IIG Reports are available to the public upon request to the OIIG Employment Plan Officer made in person, via e-mail, or by mail:

     LaShunda Cooperwood

     OIIG Interim Employment Plan Officer

     Office of the Independent Inspector General

     69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1160

     Chicago, Illinois 60602

     e-mail: lashunda.cooperwood2@cookcountyil.gov

OIIG Policies and  Procedures Manual

The OIIG Policies and Procedures Manual was created under the authority of Section 2-284(12) of the OIIG Enabling Ordinance and in accordance with Section IV.A of the OIIG Employment Plan.  The OIIG Policies and Procedures Manual sets forth specific policies and procedures regarding various employment actions within the OIIG.  The OIIG Policies and Procedures Manual can be accessed here: 

OIIG Policies and Procedures Manual