Municipal Waste, Recycling and Diversion Rates in Cook County

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The Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES) 2022 Municipal Waste Recycling and Diversion Rates Report documents the diversion rates for each of the 133 municipalities in suburban Cook County. This information allows municipalities to assess their waste, recycling, and composting programs to help divert more waste materials from landfills.

The suburban Cook County recycling rate is 18% and overall waste diversion rate is 27%. The average Cook County household generates an estimated 8.06 pounds per day. On average, 73% of that material goes to landfill (5.91 pounds), 17% gets recycled (1.42 pounds) and 9% of that material is composted (.72 pounds).

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials that can be reused, repurposed and returned to the economy. Diversion refers to materials segregated from the disposal waste stream and captured through collection programs for both recycling and composting purposes. The diversion rate is the rate at which materials are diverted from landfills report to DES and includes waste, recyclable materials and yard waste and food scraps that have been composted. 

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