America Recycles Day

Sarah Edwards

America Recycles Day, an initiative from Keep America Beautiful, offers a great moment for reflection and change regarding our recycling habits. Here in Cook County, the typical household recycles 1.9 lbs per day with 8.2 lbs of trash going to the landfill. Over a year, that amounts to the weight of a giraffe heading to the dump.

First and foremost, recycle right! Follow these 5 simple tips below to get started:

1. Research what is accepted at your local recycling facility

2. Do not bag your recyclables; keep them free in the recycling bin

3. Keep shredded paper out of your recycling bin. Even though it is paper, the small slivers cannot be easily sorted by large recycling equipment. Look for a local community event instead.

4. It’s great that your community offers special recycling days, like electronics and fluorescent bulb recycling events, but this does not mean the same items can be recycled curbside. Check with your local recycling authority first.

5. Keep your recyclables clean and dry. Food and dirty items can contaminate an entire batch of recycling.

Check out this great video for further assistance on the general specifics regarding recycling. Still have questions? Explore the EPA’s resources on America Recycles Day.