How to Recycle Online Packaging

Sarah Edwards

After you get an online package, are you stuck on what to do with the wrapping and packaging? Cardboard boxes can be recycled, but packaging materials made from plastic film, like plastic bubble mailers and air pillows, cannot be placed in your curbside recycling bin. Instead, the plastic film can be recycled at drop-off sites conveniently located in participating grocery and retail stores (find a location below). Just bring the packaging with you on your next trip.

Why should I recycle my packaging? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, plastic containers and packaging account for around 5% of municipal solid waste. Of the 14.5 million tons produced in 2017, only 1.9 million tons were recycled. As online shopping continues to grow, our waste will, too, if we fail to remember:

How can I recycle my packaging?

To find an accepting location near you, visit  **Locations are subject to change; we recommend checking before making a special trip to a drop off location.**

Explore each type of Amazon packaging and its proper disposal by clicking the “Recycling your packaging?” tab.

For more information regarding unconventional recycling, check out How2Recycle.