Long Range Transportation Plan

Long Range Transportation Plan

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board are committed to strengthening transportation in the region.  Our goal is to develop a plan that looks at transportation from a variety of perspectives—private automobiles, highways, bridges, public transportation, pedestrian access, bikeways, freight rail and trucking corridors, commerce—and is based on the premise that we must use our transportation resources to support the growth and economic vitality of communities in Cook County.

Connecting Cook County, the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for 2040, will include:

  • A vision statement that identifies the desired outcomes of the County’s transportation investments;
  • An analysis that pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of the County’s transportation system relative to expected growth;
  • A scenario that best achieves our goals;
  • A policy framework to guide the ranking and selection of transportation projects;
  • A list of priority capital projects and network improvements;
  • A financial analysis that outlines how improvements will be funded; and
  • An action plan that spells out the responsibilities of regional transportation agencies.

The plan will serve as a road map for the design and implementation of a fully integrated multi-jurisdictional transportation system that serves individuals and businesses and improves the County’s competitiveness.

Your contributions to the planning process are crucial.  They will enhance the evaluation and identify ways to strengthen connections between different forms of transportation, eliminate system gaps, enhance safety and leverage investments.  Visit http://www.connectingcookcounty.org for more information.