LexisAdvance: Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal Code Resources

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In-person Event
April 30, 2018 01:30pm - 02:45pm
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<p>The Cook County Law Library presents: LexisAdvance: Legislative, Regulatory, and Municipal Code Resources.</p><p>Technological advancement has enabled humanity to retain and process seemingly endless amounts of information. Nowhere is that more true than in the American legal system.&nbsp;<br>Making sense of the water pouring from that particular fire hydrant is the focus of this course on the fundamentals of basic legal research in the age of electronic legal research.</p><p>This session will focus on:</p><ul><li>Model Rules &amp; Technology</li><li>Competency as an Attorney</li><li>Using Citations, Party Names &amp; Source Selection</li><li>Legislative, regulatory, and municipal code resources</li><li>Sections of a Case</li><li>Topic Summary Reports</li><li>Citation Services</li><li>Research History</li></ul><p>Presenter: Brigid Row, Esq.</p><p>1.0 hour CLE credit available.</p><p>This event is free and open to the public.</p><p>The Cook County Law Library (CCLL) offers free on site access to LexisAdvance, a premier legal research database. For more information about CCLL and our services please see our&nbsp;<a href="http://cookcountyil.gov/agency/law-library&quot; rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank">website</a>.</p>