Vehicle Steering Committee Meeting - March 2019

Event Type:
In-person Event
March 25, 2019 10:00am
Committee Meeting

<p>Regular meeting of the Vehicle Steering Committee.</p>


  1. Call to Order
  2.  Public Comments
  3. Approve Minutes from December 18, 2018
  4. Fleet Management Update
    1. Countywide Vehicle Inventory Update
    2. Vehicle Violations Update
    3. Passenger Vehicle GPS Update
    4. Other Vehicle Topics - General Discussion
  5. Vehicle Requests
  6. Assigned Vehicles
  7. Collision Review Board Report
  8. Risk Management Vehicle Incident Report
  9. FY2019 VSC Meeting Schedule
  10. New VSC Items
  11. Adjourn

Public Testimony

Authorization as a public speaker shall only be granted to those individuals who have submitted in writing, their name, address, subject matter, and organization (if any) to the Chair of the Vehicle Steering Committee by emailing 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Duly authorized public speakers shall be called upon to deliver testimony at a time specified in the meeting agenda. Authorized public speakers who are not present during the specified time for public testimony will forfeit their allotted time to speak at the meeting.

Public testimony must be germane to a specific item(s) on the meeting agenda, and the testimony must not exceed three minutes; the Chair of the Committee will keep track of the time and advise when the time for public testimony has expired.

Persons authorized to provide public testimony shall not use vulgar, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate language; failure to act appropriately; failure to speak to an item that is germane to the meeting, or failure to adhere to the time requirements may result in expulsion from the meeting and/or disqualify the person from providing future testimony.