The 2011 Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine of Cook County Award Winners

WHEREAS, in the month of March we celebrate women’s history and women’s ongoing struggles to build a better world; and

WHEREAS, to commemorate Women’s History Month, the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues established an award to honor a woman from each of the 17 districts in Cook County who has made exceptional contributions to her community, family, and/or profession; and

WHEREAS, the stories of these Unsung Heroines’ achievements are essential to the history and successful future of Cook County; and

WHEREAS, on this date of March 15, 2011, we recognize the recipients of the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues, 14th Annual Peggy A Montes Unsung Heroine Award:


2011 Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine Award Winners

1st District, Loretta Brown

2nd District, Patricia Pat Herrod

3rd District, Dr. Grace G. Dawson

4th District, Dr. Sandra Neilson Givens

5th District, Diane Latiker

6th District, Rita Giertych

7th District, Fatima Abu Eid

8th District, Ofelia Navarro

9th District, Barbara Weigand

10th District, Christine Boyd

11th District, Kathleen Gutierrez

12th District, Lt. Patty Casey

13th District, Aline Lauture

14h District, Kristine M. Stabler

15th District, Dianne Waddell

16th District, Charlene Vickery

17th District, Jean Voss


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