Bureau Chief Speaks at Conference on Regional Economic Growth

Bureau Chief Herman Brewer, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development was a featured speaker at the ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) Chicago conference, which took place at the Standard Club in downtown Chicago on March 19. The meeting brought together corporate executives investors, senior advisors, academic and government leaders to explore the full range of new thoughts on how private/public/not-for-profit understanding and collaboration can initiate the next wave of economic growth and prosperity. Mr. Brewer’s topic was: The Primary Drivers of Midwestern Job Growth. He provided an overview of the strengths and challenges facing both Cook County and our region, and went into depth on the global economy undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by knowledge assets. He explained our education and workforce systems must produce employees who can fill the demand for these jobs. He spoke extensively about President Preckwinkle’s commitment to this goal. The Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership, created in July, 2012, aims to improve services, reduce costs, support job creation and economic development across the Cook County workforce system. It creates and supports innovative programs that allow for region-wide implementation of best practices and coordinated engagement with the region’s business community. President Preckwinkle created the Bureau of Economic Development whose mission is to focus its departments on economic growth, using new and innovative approaches. For high level strategic advice, President Preckwinkle created the Council of Economic Advisors, which meets regularly. The room was full of actively engaged executives, investors and senior advisers who expressed an interest in Cook County’s commitment to economic growth.


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