Cook County Board Approves Tax Incentives to Support Economic Growth

Preckwinkle applauds actions to create, retain jobs in region

Cook County commissioners today approved proposals by President Preckwinkle’s Bureau of Economic Development (BED) that will provide tax incentives to business in six suburban communities, as well as save and create jobs.

A total of eight tax Incentives were approved in the following communities: Bedford Park (two), Bellwood, Bridgeview, Calumet City, Elk Grove Village, Franklin Park and Homewood. 

As a result of the redevelopment activities these incentives should yield an estimated 74 new private sector jobs created and 130 jobs retained.

"Helping businesses create and retain good-paying jobs is a major focus of our economic development efforts," said Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle. "The companies receiving these incentives have demonstrated their commitment to their communities and our residents, and deserve our assistance in growing their businesses.”

Details on the incentives follow:

•    Traylek Warehouse, 6501 W. 65th Street, Bedford ParkProject Description: Warehouse expansionApplicant’s Name: Traylek Warehouse, Inc.Estimated:  18 full time jobs retained

•    Universal Logistics Group, LLC, 7373 S. Lockwood Avenue, Bedford ParkProject Description: Applicant purchased property to rehab and occupy with a new third party logistics provider.Applicant’s Name: Intercontinental Realty LLCEstimated: 45 full-time jobs created; 3 full-time jobs retained; 13 part-time jobs created; 2 part-time jobs retained; 30 Construction jobs supported 

•    Majestic Architectural Woodwork, 2150-2154 Madison Street, BellwoodProject Description: Rehab property to be utilized for woodwork manufacturing for offices, trade shows, reception areas, and the healthcare industry. Applicant’s Name: PAR Management LLCEstimated: 6 full-time jobs created; 6 full-time jobs retained; 2 part-time jobs retained; 10-15 construction jobs supported

•    Top Quality Hardwood Flooring, 9800 S. Industrial Drive, BridgeviewProject Description: Relocation and Expansion -- The company currently has locations in both Franklin Park and Bridgeview.  The business is relocating the Bridgeview location and expanding to larger site.Applicant’s Name: Endless River, LLCEstimated: 8 full-time Jobs created; 3 full-time jobs retained; 4 construction jobs supported

•    George DeVries - Technotrix, Inc.(Lessee), 1407 Huntington Avenue, Calumet CityProject Description: (Owner of a vacant subject property wishes to lease to Technotrix, Inc. a nationwide provider to full-service production company equipment)Applicant’s Name: George DeVries Estimated: 1-2 full-time jobs created; 7 full-time jobs retained; 50 seasonal part-time jobs retained; 2-4 construction jobs supported

•    Savage Brothers, 1825 Greenleaf Avenue, Elk Grove VillageProject Description: The company is vacating three of its smaller locations in Elk Grove Village and moving to a new property. The site will be used to manufacture machinery for the confectionary and baking/food processing industry.Applicant’s Name: SBCO Properties, LLCEstimated: 5-10 full-time jobs created; 59 full-time jobs retained; 3 part time jobs retained; 12-15 construction jobs supported

•    JSL Building Restoration Group, 10208-10212 Franklin Avenue, Franklin ParkProject Description: The company currently occupies two sites in Franklin Park constituting 10,400 square feet. They will be expanding to the designated property as their third location for warehousing, maintenance of tools/equipment and sales office space.Applicant’s Name: JSL Building Restoration Group, or its nomineeEstimated: 5-8 full-time jobs created; 4 full-time jobs retained; 8-12 construction jobs supported

•    Fleet Park, LLC, 935 W. 175th Street, HomewoodProject Description: Purchased property and will occupy it as company headquartersApplicant’s Name: Fleet Park LLC/Wayne HoovestolEstimated: 4-6 full-time jobs created; 30 full-time jobs retained; 5-15 construction jobs supported

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