Cook County Commission on Human Rights Public Forum - February 26th

The Cook County Commission on Human Rights would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a public informational forum. This forum is the first of several meetings the Commission will be convening throughout Cook County in 2013. Tuesday, February 26, 2013 from 7-9 p.m. Metropolitan Family Services – Calumet 235 East 103rd Street Chicago, Illinois 60628 The purpose of this forum is two-fold, it is to provide information about the Commission, its mission, mandate and services, to the communities that the Commission serves, but it is also to gather information from these same communities about human relations and civil rights issues that they themselves might be facing. Issues such as, intergroup disputes and tensions, challenges facing new immigrant populations, incidents of discrimination in housing and employment, harassment, sexual, racial or other, and hate crimes. The Commission is also interested in learning about any local initiatives or programs focused on these issues, and exploring potential opportunities within the different communities for collaboration and partnership. This year, the County Commission on Human Rights is marking its 20th year anniversary, and these informational forums will be a significant component of the Commission’s recognition of this milestone. As some of you know, it was in 1993 that the Cook County Board of Commissioners established the Commission on Human Rights. The Commission was established to enforce the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance – a ground-breaking expansive civil rights ordinance which applies throughout all of Cook County. This civil rights law is designed to protect all people who live and work in Cook County from discrimination and harassment in employment, access to public accommodations, housing, credit, and County services and facilities. The Commission carries out this mandate through investigation, adjudication and education. The Commission needs your input and encourages you to attend the forum and to testify on February 26, 2013. If you or a representative cannot attend, you may also submit written comments for the record. Additionally, we encourage you to share this invitation with your colleagues and friends. The Commission will use the information gathered from these forums to determine if its services and programs should be modified or enhanced to address the issues raised. The Commission will prepare a Report on the forums, including any recommendations for action, for the President and members of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Please confirm your attendance with April Williams Luster, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Commission 312-603-4288 or you may email the Commission ( on or before February 19, 2013. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us at 312-603-1106.


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