Cook County Releases Updated Interactive Website, Budget Information

The Cook County Department of Budget & Management Services (DBMS) on Thursday announced the online release of the Cook County 2020 Annual Appropriation Bill detailing funding and staffing levels for each department as well as an updated interactive website with historic budget information and detailed budget information.

“It is our hope that this immersive budget portal will enhance access and understanding of budget information and County finances,” said Cook County Board President Preckwinkle. “We are striving to modernize County operations and utilize new tools and technology to facilitate open, honest and transparent government.” ​

In November, The Cook County Board of Commissioners approved a balanced and equitable $6.2 billion FY2020 budget aimed at advancing President Preckwinkle’s Cook County Policy Roadmap, which guides work on criminal justice reform, public health, infrastructure and economic development without the need to increase existing taxes. ​

The budget approval followed numerous departmental hearings, commissioner questions and public meetings. Following the budget adoption, DBMS has been working to update and reconcile commissioner-approved amendments and departmental spending for FY20 to produce a final annual appropriation document and site for release today. ​

“This adopted budget and new interactive website exemplify our continued commitment to transparency, financial responsibility and detailed analysis,” said Budget Director Annette Guzman. “We are excited to leverage these tools to engage residents and provide useful information about the Cook County budget.” ​

The newly developed budget site provides numerous interactive visualizations of budget data. These visualizations offer the ability to filter, drill down and sort, to provide detailed insight on County expenditures, revenues, grants and infrastructure spending. Prior to the development of the new site, all budget information and data were presented in static online documents and a three-volume budget book containing more than 1000 pages. ​

“I'm very proud of the interdepartmental collaboration — Office of the President, Bureau of Technology, Bureau of Finance and Bureau of Administration — that made this site possible, said Cook County Chief Information Officer Tom Lynch. Chief Data Officer Dessa Gypalo adds, “We were able to work together towards common goals to produce a public-facing resource by using existing tools and telling a compelling story through data.” ​

All FY2020 budget information has been posted to the Cook County website, including the interactive budget, so the public can review documents and engage with the President’s Office directly.


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