Cook County Sheriff holds first registered sex offender compliance check

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office first sex offender roundup of the year successfully tracked dozens of registered offenders across unincorporated Cook County on Saturday. All offenders contacted were found in compliance. Early on the morning of February 19th, approximately 16 Cook County Sheriff’s Police detectives conducted random, surprise compliance checks of registered sex offenders at their home addresses. Between 5 a.m. and 1 p.m., officers went door to door on “knock and talks” verifying addresses, and ensuring sex offenders are in compliance with the rules and regulations. Additionally, detectives notified offenders of the year’s first required check-in scheduled for April 9th, where they will learn of new amendments to the Sex Offender Registration Act that may apply to them, such as clarifications to reporting requirements and living proximity to a child victim. The check-in requirement is a direct result of state legislation Sheriff Dart lobbied for, which allows police departments to keep better track of sex offenders. Under regulation 730 ILCS 150/6 – Duty To Report: “Any other person who is required to register under this Article shall report in person to the appropriate law enforcement agency with whom he or she last registered within one year from the date of last registration and every year thereafter and at such other times at the request of the law enforcement agency not to exceed four times a year.” As a result, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office requires sex offenders in its jurisdiction to report for scheduled compliance checks four times a year. The police facilities where registered sex offenders must report include Skokie, Bridgeview, Markham, Franklin Park and Ford Heights. There are 70 registered sex offenders in unincorporated Cook County. To learn where registered sex offenders are living in Illinois, please go to:


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