Cook County Urges Dog Owners to Protect Their Pets from the Canine Flu

The canine flu has re-emerged this year, and Cook County Animal and Rabies Control is advising pet owners to vaccinate their dogs in order to protect them from the disease.

Some animal shelters and veterinarians in Cook County have reported dogs infected with the canine influenza virus, said Dr. Donna Alexander, administrator of Cook County Animal and Rabies Control.

No deaths have been attributed to the canine influenza virus this year. Last year, dozens of dogs were infected with the virus in Cook County, but no deaths were reported to the County. In 2015, an outbreak of the canine flu in the region killed at least 11 dogs.

“The most important precaution dog owners can take is to get their pet vaccinated against core diseases, including canine influenza,” Alexander said. “Visit your veterinarian at least twice each year for health checkups. Animals that are most susceptible to the viruses are those that are immunocompromised by age or other illness.”


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