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low-level alert: Cook County Resumes Rabies Vaccine and Microchip Clinics

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The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control was established in 1954, when the Illinois Animal Control Act was enacted by the state legislature during a state-wide rabies epidemic. Animal control is a term often misunderstood in most urban communities. It is frequently thought to be no more than a change from the expression of dog catcher-dog pound. In reality an Animal Control program is a multifaceted concept involving local government, public health, media cooperation, public education and citizen participation in cooperation with specialists in animal health, care and control. Cook County Animal and Rabies Control reflect this multifaceted concept through a myriad of programs.      


  • Prevent the transmission of rabies from animal to man through vaccination, registration, education, legislation and surveillance.

  • Decrease pet over-population by promoting spay/neuter programs.

  • Ensure the compliance of quarantine protocol for all animal bite incidents to prevent the transmission of rabies.

  • Prevent cruelty and abuse of animals pursuant to State and County laws. 

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Dr. Thomas J. Wake, DVM