Mayor Emanuel and President Preckwinkle Announce an Additional $9.2 Million in Savings Through Collaboration

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle today met with the member of the City-County Collaboration committee, to receive a report about the advancements that the collaboration has made. Mayor Emanuel and President Preckwinkle received reports detailing the amount of savings that was realized during the second quarter, which totaled more than $9.5 million. “President Preckwinkle and I are deeply committed to protecting every dollar of taxpayer money and to finding every opportunity for savings and increased efficiency,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The City-County Collaboration has resulted in more than $20 million in savings, and continues to save money for taxpayers.” The Joint Committee on City-County Collaboration (Joint Committee) was established in March 2011 to recommend ways the City and County could streamline services, improve residents’ interactions with government, and reduce costs. In June 2011, the Joint Committee issued a report describing 19 areas for collaboration and projected savings in the range of $66 million - $140 million by 2014. In September 2011, the committee announced $11.3 million in annual savings and new revenue had been identified, and a twentieth area of collaboration was added: Anti-Violence and Community Stabilization Strategies. The second quarter of the collaboration has realized an additional $9.2 million in savings, bringing the total to $20.5 million. “The success of the first year of this collaboration is deeply gratifying, and proves that, working together, we can find new ways to save taxpayers money and improve services,” President Preckwinkle said. “The achievements so far are a testament to the cooperative spirit and innovative thinking of our administrations, and we look forward to continued progress.” The savings for the second quarter were realized by merging boards and services, finding consistent sources of savings and revenue, increasing the frequency and depth of collaboration, and heightened pro bono engagement with the business community. Key areas of advancement include workforce development, in which the City and County combined forces into a single regional workforce board to better match employers with job seekers across the region. Other major advances were made in the area of homeland security, where the two governments have improved communications and training, and in consumer protection as well. The members of the joint city-county collaboration committee are: • Gloria Castillo, ChicagoUnited • Alderman Pat Dowell, 3rdWard, City of Chicago • Commissioner JohnFritchey, 12th District, Cook County Board • Ralph G. Moore, Ralph G.Moore & Associates (RGMA) • Juan Salgado, Instituto del Progreso Latino They are supported by more than 50 others representing the City, the County, and a host of companies from the area providing pro bono services through the Civic Consulting Alliance.