Statement from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle On Police Accountability Task Force Report

I’ve been briefed on the task force’s findings and recommendations and I want to commend Lori Lightfoot and members of the task force on their work and their honesty in bringing long-needed official focus to these issues.

This report serves as a critical voice for thousands of Chicago residents and entire communities. I have long believed, and have often stated, that the institutional mindset within CPD needs drastic reform. CPD must act quickly and effectively to establish confidence with Chicago residents, especially in communities of color.

The people of Chicago have spoken and not just with their voices, but with their feet and with their votes on this issue. The message is clear: police must be accountable to the people, and it is time for all elected officials to take that message to heart. We must dismantle long-standing institutional roadblocks and implement policies that will empower ordinary people. We must change the status quo that has damaged communities of color and destroyed public trust in the system.

I am ready and willing to help the mayor on the specific recommendations that mention my office and on any other initiatives that will move the needle on reform.


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