Rabies Certificate Submission

NOTE: This page contains information for Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals. If you are a member of the public looking for information on rabies vaccinations and tags for your animals, please see the Rabies Vaccination Tags page on our main site. 

Cook County Ordinance Chapter 10, Article 2, Section 10-41 (b) - "Evidence of such rabies inoculation shall be entered on a certificate approved by the County Board of Commissioners. Veterinarians who inoculate an animal shall procure from the County Department of Animal and Rabies Control serially numbered tags, one to be issued with each inoculation certificate. Only one animal shall be included on each certificate. Upon change of ownership application shall be made for a new inoculation certificate. Such tags shall be attached to the collar or harness worn by the animal for which the tag was issued when the animal is off the property of the owner. 

All rabies innoculation certificates for each rabies vaccine administered must be submitted by the Veterinarian or Animal Hospital to the Department of Animal and Rabies Control.

ACE/Paperless Certificate Submission

If you are interested in the ACE/paperless certificate program, call your software vendor and ask about its ability to export data files that can be submissted to our office electronically. If you are able to export certificate data, please contact our offices at (708) 974-6140 for information on how to participate. 

For for more on the ACE Paperless Program, see our overview video.

Hospitals that participate in the ACE program will not have to send paper rabies certificates to our office. 

Paper Certificate Submission

Hospitals that do not participate in the ACE paperless program must return paper certificates to our offices every two weeks as required by the Cook County Ordinance. 

  • Please put certificates in numerical order.

  • Certificates must be 4' x 6" in size.

  • Certificates that are not in compliance will be returned.

  • Submit to: Cook County Animal and Rabies Control | 10220 South 76th Avenue | Bridgeview, IL 60455  ATTN: Rabies Certificates