Animal Bite Investigation

Phone Number
Service Information

Bites to humans and companion animals must be reported to local police or to the Cook County Sheriff's Office for unincorporated areas. A Cook County Bite Report will be completed by the law enforcement agency and forwarded to the Department of Animal and Rabies Control (ARC). 

If a bite or scratch occurs:

  • Contact your local police department within 24 hours of the incident to inform the agency that a bite or scratch has occurred. This includes instances where your pet bit or scratched a human or companion animal, or if your pet was bitten or scratched by a companion animal.
  • Contact a veterinary hospital or shelter to schedule an appointment for your pet to be examined. Inform the hospital or shelter that your pet was involved in a bite incident.
  • Fines may be issued for non-compliance.
  • The biting animal must not be killed, sold, moved or otherwise disposed of.
  • The biting animal must not receive a rabies shot until the last day of the observation period.

Please call (708) 974-6140 if you have any questions regarding animal bites.

To read the animal bite ordinance in its entirety, click here.