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Asbestos Abatement Permitting

Please use the new Electronic Permit Processing Portal  to complete any of the following:

  • An Asbestos Abatement Permit Application (previously referred to as "Project Notification Form")
  • Renew your annual Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Permit
  • An O&M Project (episode) Notification
  • A Revision

If this is the first time the facility is receiving an O&M Permit, please contact the Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES) at 312-603-8200 or via email


Asbestos Abatement Permits

An Asbestos Abatement Permit Application is required for all asbestos projects (residential, commercial, institutional and industrial) and must be submitted to this Department at least ten (10) working days before the start of the project:

  • Residential: $200.00 Filing fee, $0 Inspection fee
  • Commercial: $200.00 Filing Fee, Inspection Fee: $6/square foot, $2/linear foot
  • Inspection fee shall not exceed $2,000.00
  • All fees are non-refundable.

Cook County does not distinguish between friable and non-friable ACM in below stated fee schedule.

The following two (2) items must be submitted with the application. 

  1. Variance Documentation (if applicable)
  2. Credit Card or Bank information for payment of fees

Additional Info

  • Asbestos Abatement Permits are valid for intervals of 30 days at a time, and contractors are not permitted to be off-site for more than 10 consecutive calendar days at a time without pulling a new permit.
  • You are required to submit a Revision via the Electronic Permit Processing Portal  if your work hours/shifts differ from what is on your application. Failure to do so will automatically VOID the permit.

Phasing: If the contractor is off-site for more than 10 consecutive calendar days, or if the scope of work is increased by more than 15% within 5 days of the project's completion, or if on-site work dates cannot be specifically identified, then the situation counts as Phasing and your permit will be voided. 


You can request Permit Revisions anytime between the original start and completion dates of the project. 

An O&M permit project notification does not require a fee. Fees for O&M permits are billed separately.

Operations and Maintenance Asbestos Removal Permits

To obtain a first-time Operations and Maintenance Asbestos Removal Permit an applicant must submit an email request to no less than 15 days prior to the scheduled start of the asbestos renovation project. The Applicant will work with the Asbestos & Demolition Coordinator to submit the required information.


O&M permits are valid for one calendar year (the calendar year in which the permit was issued), Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. (Applications may be submitted at any time.)

The annual report and inspection fee requirements are as follows:

  • Summary reports of work completed, along with the relevant inspectional fees are due every quarter (or biannually depending on facility type)
  • Inspectional fees: $6.00 per square foot and $2.00 for linear foot.
  • All revisions must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to the date(s) being modified.
  • Revisions may be made up to six (6) times
  • Per permit. Multiple Revisions can be made to one single permit for a processing fee of a $55.00.
  • You are required to notify our office via Revision Form (available on portal) if your work hours/shifts differ from what is on your application. Failure to do so will automatically VOID the permit.
  • Healthcare facilities and schools: $500.00
  • Commercial and/or industrial buildings: $1,000. 00
  • Healthcare facilities and schools: Every 6 months
  • Commercial and/or industrial buildings: Every quarter
  • An O&M permit project notification must be submitted 48 hours before the start of project work.
  • Inspection fees must be paid either quarterly or biannually, dependent on the type of facility being abated.

O&M Project Notifications

You can submit O&M Project Notifications on the Electronic Permit Processing Portal.

Wetting Procedures

Before the demolition of any section of wall, floor, roof, or other structure, adequate wetting procedures to lay the dust shall be utilized. All debris shall be thoroughly wetted before loading and while dumping into trucks, other vehicles or containers. In all cases at all stages of demolition wetting procedures shall be adequate to lay the dust.

Transport of Debris

Trucks shall be adequately covered or enclosed to prevent dust dispersion while in transit to point of disposal.

Handling Procedures for Debris

Debris shall not be dropped or thrown from any floor to any floor below. In buildings six (6) stories or greater in height, debris shall be transported from the upper floors via enclosed dust-tight chutes or via buckets. Where chutes are used, a water wetting agent spray shall be employed to saturate the debris before it reaches the point of discharge from the chute.

Demolition Excess Debris

No Excess materials and debris shall be permitted to remain on the premises above grade which are susceptible to becoming airborne.



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