Building and Zoning Business Occupancy

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Business Occupancy

A building shall not be constructed or occupied, an existing building shall not be expanded or otherwise altered or occupied, a new land use shall not be established and an existing land use shall not be changed until a certificate of occupancy is issued by the Department of Building and Zoning. Every certificate of occupancy shall state that the land use and occupancy of buildings or structures comply with all provisions of the Cook County Zoning Ordinance and that buildings or structures are habitable and in conformance with all applicable building regulations.



Please download the application from the link on the side bar and fill it out completely.  Mail the completed application along with the fee to the Zoning Administrator.

  • Include the Fee of $250 made payable to Cook County Collector.


Video Gaming

Existing businesses if expanding to include video gaming will be required to update their Business Occupancy. They will need to apply for a building permit for the installation of the machines. Visit the Building Permit page for the application and process of applying.

New businesses will need a business Occupancy as well as the building permit.

All businesses will have to be in compliance of the Building Codes and Cook County Zoning Ordinance


Home Based Business Occupancy

Home occupation is defined by the Zoning Ordinance as: An occupation or profession, practiced by a member of the family residing on the premises, and which occupation is clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the dwelling.

Homeowner is required to submit an affidavit in order to establish a home based business. Please find the affidavit on the right under downloads and send it to the Zoning Administrator by email. There is no Fee required for this request.