Available on this page is the Cook County Personnel Rules pursuant to the authority of the Bureau Chief of Human Resources.

Additional Policies, applicable to Offices Under the President, not included in the Personnel Rules are also found on this page.  They include:

  • Anti-Violence Policy
  • Background Check Policy
  • BHR Overtime Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • EAP Policy
  • Employee Time and Attendance Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Family Military Leave Policy (NON-FMLA)
  • FMLA Policy
  • Military Service Leave Policy & Form
  • Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Policy
  • Organ Donor Leave Policy
  • Reasonable Accommodation Policy for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities
  • Religious Accommodation Policy
  • Third Step Hearings Procedures and FAQ
  • VESSA Leave Policy
  • Violence-Free Workplace Policy
  • BHR Policies Contact List