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69 W Washington Street Room 1900
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UPDATE: Per the Cook County Board President’s Executive Order 2020-3, our office at 69 W. Washington is closed to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19. However many essential functions are still being provided.

Permits: To assist businesses during the COVID-19 response, the department is waiving the fee for equipment registration permits.  To apply for an equipment registration permit, please contact the department at

Thank you for your patience.

As of 2019 all applications and payments shall be submitted through the new electronic permit processing portalfor your Equipment Registration Permits. Equipment Registration applications must be submitted for the installation of air pollution sources such as combustion (heating) equipment, process (manufacturing) equipment, air pollution control equipment, storage tanks and land remediation processes in suburban and unincorporated Cook County.

Register all air emission equipment even if they are defined as "Insignificant Sources" by Illinois EPA. For example, boiler under 10 MMBH is required to register with Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability. In addition to boilers, furnaces, and heaters under "Fuel Burning" the following facilities must also register:

  • Restaurant: “Cooking Area” under “Processing”.
  • Dry Cleaners: “Dry Cleaner Machines” under “Processing”.
  • Gas Station: “Storage Tanks” under “Storage Tanks”.
  • Data Center: Emergency generators under “Fuel Burning” and fuel tanks under “Storage Tanks”.
  • Rock Crushers: Temporary/permanent

For additional information on equipment installation application requirements and fees, refer to Sections 30-151 through 30-164 and Section 32-1 of the Cook County Municipal Code.

If you have any questions please email or call at (312) 603-8200 option 3.

As of December 1, 2017, the Cook County Department of Environmental Control is now the Department of Environment and Sustainability.