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Facts about the Office of the Independent Inspector General of Cook County

The purpose and function of the OIIG is to detect, deter and prevent corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, unlawful political discrimination and misconduct in the operation of Cook County government.  (Cook County, Ill., Ordinances 07-O-52 (2007)).  The OIIG conducts investigations and issues findings and recommendations to Cook County government officials.  The OIIG also investigates potential criminal violations involving the conduct of Cook County employees acting in their official capacities and refers such matters for prosecution.

Total Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2024:  $2,456,335

Total Budgeted Positions for Fiscal Year 2024:  19

Organization of the OIIG

OIIG Organizational Chart

Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Members of the public may make requests to inspect and/or copy public records maintained by the OIIG pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 ILCS 140/1. This Act provides that some records are exempt from inspection and copying.  All FOIA requests must be made in writing and must include the name, mailing address and daytime phone number of the requester as well as a description of the records requested. If you seek records for a commercial purpose, you must disclose that fact in your request.

FOIA requests should be delivered to the OIIG’s FOIA Officer:

Steven E. Cyranoski

FOIA Officer

Office of the Independent Inspector General

69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1160

Chicago, Illinois 60602

e-mail: steven.cyranoski@cookcountyil.gov

The OIIG reserves the right to charge any fees allowed under FOIA.