Pretrial Fairness Act Resources

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The Pretrial Fairness Act, part of the larger SAFE-T Act, reforms pretrial procedures in Illinois. The law was designed to make the state’s pretrial practices more equitable, effective and transparent. The act eliminates the use of money bond as a condition of pretrial release and reforms pretrial hearing processes and detention procedures. All Pretrial Fairness Act reforms took effect statewide on September 18, 2023.

To prepare to implement the required Pretrial Fairness Act reforms, Cook County engaged in a collaborative interagency planning process. As part of this process, technical assistance provider Justice System Partners created a virtual training curriculum for Cook County staff to ensure preparedness and mutual understanding of new policies and procedures.

Pretrial Fairness Act Virtual Training Curriculum 

Module 1: Overview, Planning Structure & Stakeholder Decisions

Module 2: Citation & Notice to Appear

Module 2: Detention Hearings

Module 2: Initial Appearance 

Module 3: Compliance and Non-Compliance with Pretrial Release Conditions

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