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Cook County Animal and Rabies Control offers select services in unincorporated Cook County. 


Residents may request the loan of a trap for the humane capture of wildlife (Raccoon, Opossum and Skunk etc.) that is in their home or attached garage.    Animal Control Wardens will instruct them in the operation of the trap. Residents may call Animal Control to request the removal of a bat (live, injured or dead) that is discovered in the home. Animal Wardens will also respond to calls for injured or dead bats that are found outside of the home. Animal Control Wardens will also respond to calls for injured wildlife (Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, Deer etc.) that is outside the home. 


Humane traps may also be requested for feral cats outside of the home that are not part of a trap/neuter/release program. Stray dogs that are contained will be picked up by Animal Control. Wardens will investigate reports of animal cruelty if the life of an animal may be endangered (for instance, a dog left in a hot car). Cook County Animal Control Wardens patrol Cook County Forest Preserves for stray dogs/cats and dogs running at large. 

For those in incorporated municipalities, please call your local police department or animal control department.