Submitting a Claim

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Submitting A Claim

The General Liability Division investigates and works to resolve claims filed by citizens who allege they have been harmed by the negligent act of the County.   Once the claim has been reported, CorVel, the County's third party administrator, will investigate  the claim and determine Cook County’s liability.   If CorVel determines Cook County is not liable for the claim, CorVel will issue a denial letter explaining the reason for the denial.

If Cook County is determined to be liable, CorVel will work with the claimant to reach an acceptable agreement and have the claimant sign a release on the agreed upon payment recommendation.  The Cook County Department of Risk Management will then introduce your claim to the Cook County Board of Commissioners.  Please note claims may take at least ninety days to be resolved and require approval from the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

If you are interested in submitting a claim for the Cook County Forest Preserve District (FPD), we encourage you to visit the official FPD website at this address:

All the necessary information regarding the claims submission process for FPD will be on this website.

You must complete an Incident Report Form to pursue a claim. It is important that you submit all relevant documentation with your claim.  

Please submit your incident report form along with any documentation to:

Cook County General Liability via e-mail: or Fax:1-866-841-0447

Pothole Claims

If you believe your vehicle has sustained damages from a pothole or other cause on a roadway maintained by the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways, please contact the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways via email as listed below.

To expedite the investigation and review process, please include the following information when you send your email:

  1. An incident report
  2. A police report for claims with damage exceeding $1,000 or as requested by the County or their claims administrator (CorVel)
  3. A copy of 2 estimates of the cost to repair the damage
  4. Photo(s) of the damage to your vehicle
  5. A phone number where you can be reached