Main Office
118 North Clark Street
Room 806
Chicago, IL 60602
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The Office of Research, Operations and Innovation (ROI) was created in 2019 to improve operational efficiencies and services while reducing costs and enhancing customer experiences for all departments and agencies under Cook County government.

What we do

  • Collaborate with County agencies to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt or implement creative, data driven, comprehensive solutions to improve County service delivery and increase workplace productivity.
  • Inspire, empower, encourage, and enable employees to identify challenges in their daily work processes and develop creative, innovative solutions to overcome those challenges.
  • Elevate operational effectiveness and optimize the use of County resources through collaborative engagement and data driven, innovative solutions.
  • Train employees on standardized structured problem-solving methodology and tools used for continuous process improvement.
  • Facilitate cross-departmental and inter-departmental process improvement projects.
  • Monitor and track all implemented innovations.