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The Office of Research, Operations and Innovation (ROI) was created in 2019 to improve operational efficiencies and services while reducing costs and enhancing customer experiences for all departments and agencies under Cook County government.

What we do

  • Collaborate with County agencies to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt or implement creative, data driven, comprehensive solutions to improve County service delivery and increase workplace productivity.
  • Inspire, empower, encourage, and enable employees to identify challenges in their daily work processes and develop creative, innovative solutions to overcome those challenges.
  • Elevate operational effectiveness and optimize the use of County resources through collaborative engagement and data driven, innovative solutions.
  • Train employees on standardized structured problem-solving methodology and tools used for continuous process improvement.
  • Facilitate cross-departmental and inter-departmental process improvement projects.
  • Monitor and track all implemented innovations.

Cook County Annual Performance Report

As mandated in the Performance Management Ordinance, Cook County publishes an Annual Performance Report for all offices within Cook County government. Read our latest Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

Offices Under the President

The Department of Transportation and Highways launched Invest in Cook in 2017 to cover the costs of planning and feasibility studies, engineering, right-of-way acquisition and construction associated with transportation improvements sponsored by local and regional governments and private partners. In 2019, Invest in Cook awarded $8.5 million in grants and leveraged an additional $33.8 million in other funds to enable over $42 million in project activity.

Cook County Health

Cook County Health’s Ambulatory and Community Health Network (ACHN) opened a new location at Arlington Heights Health Center and expanded primary care services and maternal child health services, driving a 9% increase in primary care visits.

Cook County Department of Public Health

The Cook County Department of Public Health rolled out a plan to address the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) throughout Cook County, resulting in over 6,000 people visiting their webpage and over 1,000 receiving STI testing.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

In fiscal year 2018 the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County implemented a new e-Filing system, which enables court users to electronically file cases from the comfort of their homes or offices, saving time, travel and parking costs, reducing redundant paperwork, and allowing for efficient processing of documents and fees online. In fiscal year 2019, the office received over 3 million e-filings, more than double the number in the previous year, and conventional filings dropped from 2 million to only 900,000.

Public Defender

The Public Defender’s Office created a police station representation unit (PSRU) in 2018 in order to provide free legal representation 24/7 to anyone arrested and detained by law enforcement in Cook County. In 2019, the attorneys in the PSRU conducted nearly 800 police station visits, resulting in 99 adults and 43 juveniles leaving police stations uncharged.


The Cook County Sheriff’s Office developed and expanded programming which targets detainees’ biopsychosocial needs—such as substance abuse treatment, vocational rehabilitation, education services and religious services—to reach nearly 60% of detainees, up from about 45% in 2017.

State’s Attorney

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office promotes alternative prosecution programs to connect individuals to programs and services rather than sentencing them. In 2019, about 1,750 individuals were able to avoid felony convictions by participating in such programs, and the office referred almost double that number. 

Chief Judge

In 2017, Chief Judge Evans issued General Order (GO) 18.8A, codifying in court policy and practice that monetary bail should not be oppressive, leading to a 30% increase in the number of felony defendants securing pretrial release over the last three years. In fiscal year 2019, Adult Probation Department and Social Service Department staff completed risk assessments for over 98% of eligible defendants and interviews for over 90% of defendants in order to facilitate pre-trial release.


The Cook County Assessor’s Office reassessed 438,462 properties in the Northern Suburbs, processed 231,014 assessment appeals, and administered over one million in exemptions, producing $1.5 billion in property tax savings for homeowners, seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans all while reducing spending by 2%.

Board of Review

The Board of Review received appeals on 540,000 Property Index Numbers (PINs) in 245,000 appeal dockets, a 50% increase in PINs appealed from the last session and 33% increase in dockets filed from the last city reassessment.

County Clerk

The Cook County Clerk reached 1.6 million registered voters in Suburban Cook County, the highest number in history. New voter equipment was piloted across 147 precincts and the office is working to add six new languages to ballots and election materials prior to the 2020 November elections.

Recorder of Deeds

The Recorder of Deeds implemented a new pricing structure for recording documents called Predictable Fee, making recording and pricing documents simpler, more transparent for Cook County residents, and more cost effective, saving the office $1.2 million in fiscal year 2019.


The Cook County Treasurer’s Office continues to focus on improving its website as a portal to submit payments online, check payment status, download electronic tax bills, search for refunds and more. In fiscal year 2019, the website was visited nearly 6.7 million times.

Housing Authority of Cook County

In 2000, only a third of Cook County’s low-income residents lived in the suburbs, but by 2016 that proportion had increased to 50%, increasing the demand for programs that the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) provides. As the population they serve grows, HACC continues to provide housing to Cook County’s most vulnerable citizens, in 2019 providing over $150 million in housing assistance to more than 17,500 low-income households throughout suburban Cook County

Land Bank

The Cook County Land Bank Authority acquired nearly 600 properties, sold 177 properties to private buyers, and completed 167 rehabs, surpassing a total of $100 million in impact throughout Cook County since its inception in 2014.

Forest Preserves

The Forest Preserves of Cook County increased the amount of land under restoration or active management by nearly 40% and had the largest single burn season on record, over 9,000 acres, to help control invasive species and allow for native plant species to thrive.

Independent Inspector General

The Office of the Independent Inspector General received a total of 700 complaints and issued 43 summary investigative reports, with a total of 80% of recommendations adopted.

Public Administrator

The Office of the Public Administrator of Cook County investigated over 1,000 cases, opened new estates for 101 individuals and returned over $16 million to heirs and beneficiaries.