Technology Infrastructure

Information Technology Infrastructure

The infrastructure side of BOT handles the environments where our applications live and the networks on which our data travels. It covers the computers, phones and standard office software used by Cook County employees. Having a robust and up-to-date technology infrastructure to support Cook County’s workforce and residents is a cornerstone of Cook County’s IT Strategy.

County Cloud

The Bureau of Technology is modernizing its County Core Data Center through hyperconverged technologies. The new infrastructure allows for consolidation of our computing resources. We have further opened the infrastructure to all the other Cook County agencies to offer private cloud services within our data center, increasing the efficiency of our operations and further reducing the County’s carbon footprint. The number of servers that used to fit in a whole room can now be housed in a couple of racks. 

Voice over Internet Protocol

Cook County is in the middle of a five-year project to migrate the County’s Legacy telephone System to a Voice over Internet Protocol-enabled Unified Communications platform. The County Health and Hospital System opened a new building in October 2018 which was the first Cook County facility to have only the new telephone system. Visit the VOIP page to learn more

Location Title
Bureau of Technology

Agency Head

Hema Sundaram, Chief Technology Officer