Workers’ Compensation

Risk Management is responsible for the administration and payment of Workers’ Compensation benefits for injuries or illness sustained in the course and scope of employment with Cook County in accordance with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

  • Determine compensability of each claim in compliance with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation and Workers’ Occupational Disease Acts
  • Approve medical, indemnity and other payments, contest non-compensable claims and negotiate settlements
  • Maintain a data system for monitoring and controlling Workers’ Compensation claims

It is the responsibility of injured employees to report any injury, regardless of severity, as soon as possible to their supervisor. The responding supervisor should ensure that the employee is provided with the appropriate medical response to the injury. The supervisor may, depending on the nature of the injury, request outside medical response to the situation.

Once the injured employee provides verbal notice, the supervisor or manager is responsible for reporting the claim to Risk Management

Fax: 866-839-5397


Within 24 hours, the supervisor must submit the First Report of Injury (Illinois Form 45) to Risk Management. Additional reports may follow.

Overview of the Workers' Compensation Process 

In addition to notifying Risk Management, managers /supervisors must notify the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) within 8 hours in the event of the death of an employee from a work related incident.  Work-related  inpatient hospitalizations, amputations and losses of an eye must be reported to IDOL within 24 hours.   Manager/supervisors can call Illinois OSHA’s free and confidential number at (217) 782-7860  during normal business hours or (800) 782-7860 during non-business hours.

Managers should have the following information when calling:

  •          Name of injured employees
  •          Cook County Department the employee works in
  •          Location of incident
  •          Time of incident
  •          Number of fatalities or hospitalized employees
  •          Reporter’s contact information to include name and telephone number
  •          Brief description of the incident


Employee Accident Report

Supervisor’s Report

Witness Statement (complete one for each witness)

Release of Medical Information