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Proposed Business Case: Light Industrial Model

Rockwell Properties

The Rockwell Properties site is a newly redeveloped light industrial campus consisting of eight buildings in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood. The proposed model provides for a host-owned system, with the host taking a 20 percent share for their common area electricity load and four other tenants taking additional 20 percent shares.

The relatively small system proposed allows for a modest load reduction for all subscribers, as well as a good overall return on investment for the host site/system owner. While recruiting industrial subscribers is more complex and time-consuming than residential customer acquisition, it is anticipated that subscriber management would be minimal because there are so few subscribers needed and tenants are the most likely and logical target subscribers.


Rockwell Properties: Synopsis

Rockwell Properties: Case Study

Rockwell Properties: Solar Design

Rockwell Properties: Financial Model - Developer

Rockwell Properties: Financial Model - Host


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