Cook County Launches Free Tax Map Viewer

Cook County officials are unveiling a new interactive application that will provide the public with free viewing access to the county’s tax maps and allow users to search for a Property Index Number (PIN) or address to search maps with a user-friendly interface. 

The new Tax Map Viewer app was developed in partnership between the Cook County Clerk’s Office and the Cook County Bureau of Technology to enhance access to current tax maps which are typically requested for property tax purposes.  Users can now view unofficial copies of tax maps online and free of charge dating back to 2019.  

"The Tax Map Viewer represents significant progress in providing accessible and transparent information to the residents of Cook County,” said Clerk Karen Yarbrough. “For the first time, this new application will empower the public to explore historical tax maps free of charge." 

"This app showcases our commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of our residents,” said Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. “The Tax Map Viewer aligns with our strategic goals of promoting transparency and accessibility in government services." 

The Clerk’s Map Department draws the official tax maps for Cook County, using the legal description of properties to establish the Property Index Number (PIN) for each parcel for tax purposes. The tax maps show the boundaries of each parcel and identify the unit numbers within each condo development. 

The Clerk’s Map Department maintains records of taxing district boundaries which are the basis for property tax calculations. The county tax maps are updated each year, reflecting the divisions, subdivisions and consolidations of property processed annually by the Clerk's Office in conjunction with the Cook County Assessor's Office.  

Though the Tax Map Viewer is available free of charge, the Clerk’s Office also provides certified legal descriptions for individual tax parcels: 

legal description order form ($10)

Copies of printed tax maps are also available from the Clerk’s Office here: 

tax map order form ($5)

For legal descriptions pertaining to ownership, homeowners can refer to their deeds.