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Cook County Board of Ethics provides the following information to support candidates for Cook County office to have awareness of and comply with the Cook County Ethics Ordinance. Information provided is guidance and should not be considered legal advice. Candidates are encouraged to seek legal counsel for any campaign concerns.


Candidates for Cook County office are responsible to comply with the Cook County Ethics Ordinance. Among other directives, the Ethics Ordinance outlines prohibitions related to printed materials and campaign contribution limits. 

Quick Guide of Campaign Regulations for Political Candidates

Printed Promotional Materials Guide

Printed Promotional Materials Guide - More Information


Cook County vendors, potential vendors, lobbyists and paid appointees are subject to certain campaign contribution limitations to elected County officials, candidates for County office, and campaign committees controlled by or established in support of a County official or candidate for County office. 

Vendor Report 10/1/2019 to 9/30/23 - Excel

Campaign Finance Activity Guide