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The Department of Capital Planning & Policy’s goal is to provide safe, secure and accessible facilities through capital construction projects for all County departments and elected officials, in order that they may serve the public and perform their duties in an environment that fosters efficient, convenient and cost-effective delivery of public services.


The State authorizes Cook County to create and maintain a department of construction, maintenance and operation and a department of central services to be assigned such powers, as the Board may deem necessary for the proper functioning of the County government. [Laws, 1943, Vol. I, p. 568] Current Authority:  55 ILCS 5/3-14003 and 5/3-14004

Key Activities

  • Delivery of Capital Improvement plan (CIP)
  • Maintain compliance with codes, laws and ordinances
  • Identify and address critical system replacement and upgrades
  • Implement County-wide Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Support continued Space Consolidation Initiatives
  • Lead Master Planning efforts
  • Prioritize improvements according to the County’s long-term objectives

For information on the Cook County Hospital Central Campus Redevelopment, visit their website

November 2016 Demolition

President Preckwinkle, Sheriff Dart Announce Demolition of Underutilized Jail Buildings.

Development of the Capital Improvement Plan

The Department of Capital Planning & Policy (DCPP) develops the Capital Improvement Plan through a process of gathering analytical information from each Facility’s Condition Assessment (FCA) report and by completing a comprehensive review of user department’s individual business case requests.

Analysis of these resources enables DCPP to:

  • Identify and address critical system replacements and upgrades.
  • Calculate the estimated costs of recommended improvements and ensure optimal return on investment.
  • Prioritize improvements according to the County’s long-term objectives.
  • Run funding scenarios that demonstrate the impact of differing spend levels.
  • Develop a capital plan and budget that will sustain County facilities and support their core function for the long term, while balancing economic and manageable debt levels.

Capital renewal and deferred maintenance assessment software is used by DCPP to retain current data that drives the development of Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) reports for each County-owned facility. The FCA reports provide a detailed, system-level inventory of the amenities and identify capital renewal and deferred maintenance deficiencies. Utilizing the FCAs, DCPP is able to establish prioritization, plan systematically and bundle similar projects for cost effective procurement.