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Maintain and operate Cook County facilities in a cost effective manner for both the general public and various Cook County Departments in order to provide a safe, reliable, and clean environment, conducive and supportive to carrying out the business and services of the County.

Key Activities 

  • Compliance with D.O.J. Agreement, I.D.J.J., and Life Safety Codes.
  • Ensure life safety code compliance in all facilities
  • Maintain all facilities outside the Department of Corrections. Total square footage of7,644,884 includes Courthouses, County Building, Warehouses, Medical Examiners, Highway District properties, and Branch Courthouses.
  • Maintain the Department of Corrections, the largest single site jail in the nation, with capacity for 10,000+ inmates, currently at approximately 7,600 overnight inmates and 3,500 employees, in addition to a 14 story commercial high rise and the Leighton courthouse with the second most court calls in the nation. Total square footage 4,993,354.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of all facilities and snow removal outside the Department of Corrections & JTDC East. Total tenant square footage of 5,124,766 with an additional 2,290,592 in garage space.
  • Building operations, energy efficiency, building equipment and preventative maintenance programs at all County properties; total square footage of 12,417,081.
  • Repairs and maintenance of all properties; total square footage of 12,689,231.
  • Operate buildings in an energy efficient manner.

View maps prepared by Cook County Geographic Information System (GIS), showing places of interest in Cook County, including facilities.

Management Team

  • Director, Bilqis Jacobs-El
  • Deputy Director, Jail Complex:  Michael Carberry
  • Deputy Director, Outlying Facilities, Mike Gandhi



Facilities Management is charged with maintaining the County’s physical plant, which is comprised of approximately eleven million square feet. These facilities include: the Cook County Jail complex, Cook County Criminal Courts & Administration Building, Cook County Building, five suburban courthouses (Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Skokie, and Rolling Meadows), Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, Domestic Violence Courthouse, Forensic Institute, Hawthorne Warehouse, and Rockwell Warehouse.