What’s the Potential for Solar Power in Your Backyard?

Laura Oakleaf

Matt Baker of Sustainable Chicago posted this blog (http://www.sustainable-chicago.com/2016/10/05/whats-the-potential-for-solar-power-in-your-backyard/ )in Sustainable Chicago on October 5, 2016.   This article highlights the work of Cook County and its partners in making the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy available to all County residents.

In 2015, Illinois added 11 MW of solar energy production, which was a 75% increase over the previous year. While this growth is encouraging, the state remains middle-of-the-pack for overall capacity, ranking 27th in the nation. So what can be done to encourage more solar panel installation?

Thanks to the Cook County Community Solar Portal, a new, interactive map developed by the Cook County Department of Environmental Control and Elevate Energy, the potential for solar power capacity in the Chicago region can now easily be ascertained. The parcel-level map allows users to do more than search the county by address; filters can fine-tune the information by property type, solar power potential, roof type and municipality or Chicago neighborhood.

Click here to read the full article.  http://www.sustainable-chicago.com/2016/10/05/whats-the-potential-for-solar-power-in-your-backyard/