Board of Ethics Ordinance, Regulations & Guides

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Cook County Ethics Ordinance

The Cook County Board of Ethics enforces the Cook County Ethics Ordinance.

ARTICLE VII. – ETHICS Code of Ordinances Cook County, IL Municode Library

Rules and Regulations

Board of Ethics Rules and Regulations in connection with the Board of Ethics’ enforcement of the Ethics Ordinance. 


The Board of Ethics conducts regular training programs for County officials, employees, and anyone else whose conduct is regulated by the Ethics Ordinance. Contact the Board of Ethics to request additional trainings.

Ethics Guides

The Board has developed the following guides addressing several ethics topics. These guides are accessible in the Downloads section of this page.

Gift Ban

Cook County officials and employees are generally prohibited from receiving gifts or gratuities from prohibited sources (e.g., vendors, potential vendors, regulated entities, lobbyists, etc.). There are limited exceptions that may apply, and officials and employees must still disclose the receipt of gifts or gratuities from a prohibited source within ten (10) business days of receipt.

Political Activity

Cook County officials and employees are prohibited from engaging in certain types of election or campaign-related activities while at work or using County resources. 

Post-Employment Restrictions

Cook County officials and employees remain subject to some provisions of the Ethics Ordinance after leaving public service, including restrictions on being employed by or receiving fees for services from some County vendors or representing parties other than the County in litigation or commercial transactions involving the County. 

Use of County Property

County property and resources can only be used for County purposes.