Realizing Inclusion and Industry 4.0

Event Type:
In-person Event
April 30, 2019 08:00am - 04:00pm
Public Forum

<p><a href="">Cook County Bureau of Economic Development </a>and the <a href="">Chicago Metro Metal Consortium </a>are proud partners of the upcoming conference on Realizing Inclusion &amp; Industry 4.0.&nbsp;</p>

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This event will feature presentations from leaders and practitioners who are working to create, prototype, and scale programs linking education to the manufacturing sector by learning how the Basque country has completely embraced a comprehensive approach to industrial development by fully realizing industrial policy that embraces AI, innovative tech, automation, and economic development. It is a road map for how to change society for the good of the people.


A key theme will be on the development through technical innovation and the inclusion of populations that have traditionally been excluded from wealth creation and economic opportunity in industry.



Featured speakers include education leaders from the Basque Region of Spain with Keynote from Jorge Arevalo, Deputy Minister of Vocational Education, whose programs in career and technical education are considered “best practice” in Europe in how they have reformed their education system to prepare their youth for the jobs of the future.