Updated Interactive Cook County Highway Construction Project Map Launched

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (DOTH) today launched a new, interactive map allowing the public to view the status of all DOTH road and bridge construction projects in Cook County.

The Highway Construction Project map provides information on all planned, current and completed road and bridge projects, covering all 557 miles of Cook County roads. Projects are marked by graphic icons of construction barricades which, when clicked, provide a location and a brief description of the work. More detail on individual projects is another click away, with additional information provided at the bottom of the map.

Users can also switch between a street view and an aerial view, find their current location using GPS, and then see all the current or planned projects nearby.

Time on the road is valuable to motorists. Seeing in real time where construction projects are being planned as well as projects that are already in progress is extremely helpful, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said. We are always thinking of better ways to serve Cook County residents and our innovative team is to be commended for designing this interactive feature.

The interactive map can be found on the Department of Transportation and Highways website and is a joint creation with the Department of Geographical Information Services (GIS). The Highway Construction Project site is one of many geographic applications available to the public through Cook County's award-winning GIS department. To see other applications and learn more about Cook County's map applications, please visit Cook County GIS.