About the Budget Process

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The budget process begins in early summer when departments inform the Department of Budget and Management Services (DBMS) of their expected personnel and non-personnel needs for the next year. DBMS prepares revenue estimates and analyzes other resources available to accurately forecast the fiscal outlook for the coming year.

DBMS prepares the preliminary budget forecast based on the departmental request and estimated collected revenues. The preliminary forecast is required to be filed with the President’s Office by June 30 of each year. The forecast is provided to the Cook County Board of Commissioners and made available for County residents.

Pursuant to Executive Order 2012- 01, the President will hold a preliminary budget hearing in July to allow residents to express their opinions concerning items within the proposed budget. After receiving input from residents, the President of the County Board and DBMS work with each department to develop a final executive recommendation.

FY 2018 Annual Appropriation Bill

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Volume I – Budget Overview

Volume II – Department Line Item Budgets

Volume III – Classification and Compensation Schedule